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breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation is the most common surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States.

Silicone breast implants are a favorite among women going through this procedure. I mean a number of women who are interested in getting from A to a C cup and they’re wondering what implant will get them there.

What size should they have. Size is not the only consideration certainly there are varieties of sizes for breast implants that all get them from an A to B and larger breast implants to get them from an A to a double D cup size.

But, there are some important considerations for picking the right implant to ensure the best results.

So when you see a plastic surgeon in Savannah and they need to measure your breast width and this really is the primary determinant what implant within the body and how wide the breast is gives the first determination saying you measure and 10 centimeter width breast then you have a couple options you can have a low profile implants in Savannah that will give a modest augmentation moderate profile implants that are stick out a little bit more give a little bit more Volume.

The high profile implants that for the same width the implant will give you more volume so you have options in terms of the size the weather you want to be a B, C or D cup size .

gummy bear breast implants

Increasing Size with Silicone Breast Implants Savannah, GA

Other considerations are the surface texture over implant size they come in Smooth varieties and in texture varieties in the textured surface have an implant is designed to be a gentle form a Velcro for women who are undergoing a more complex augmentation where maybe a lift is involved this implant can provide a more long-lasting look.

Certainly with these breast implants in Savannah there’s some new evidence that shows that they may be protective against capsular contraction so they can keep the scar tissue layer around an implant soft.

Now in the last two to three years there’s newer type with breast implants are available in Savannah and these are the anatomically shaped implants, the called gummy bear implants that are made out of a thicker form silicone.

The silicon breast implant is firm it sticks to itself in when squeezed it retains its shape these implants are able to hold this teardrop shape and they come in all sorts of varieties, difference softness and also different dimensions for different Breast shapes.

Any of the three options may ultimately be a good match for the final look you want.

Dr. Jones wants you to feel great about the way your breasts look after your breast enlargement in Savannah.

He has the experience and medical expertise to factor your shoulder breadth and breast width into your breast implant options. These measurements can influence what types and sizes of breast implants will work for you.

Silicone Breast Implant Surgery Savannah, GA

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel.  Silicone gel breast implants are generally considered to provide a very natural look and feel, since the silicone gel highly resembles the properties of human fat.

The natural appearance and feel of silicone breast implants has made them an ideal choice for many transgender women. Compared to a woman assigned the female sex at birth, transgender women tend to have less breast tissue, which means less tissue coverage of the breast implant. Since silicone breast implants are not prone to rippling and tend to look a lot like human fat, they can be a great choice when less tissue coverage is available.

Saline Breast Implants Savannah, GA

Saline breast implants in Savannah are filled with a salt water solution. They tend to be more vulnerable to rippling and wrinkling than silicone implants, but in many cases they can be placed behind the chest muscle, which will help to conceal the surface and edges of the implant, instead of placing it directly behind the breast tissue. Saline implants are round and can come in a smooth or textured surface.


Saline breast implants


Gummy Bear Implants Savannah, GA

Gummy bear implants, also know as highly cohesive, are the newest generation of silicone implants used for breast augmentation and reconstruction.  Dr. Jones recommends gummy bear implants to his patients in Savannah who want the most natural look with less complications for their new breasts.

Gummy Bear breast implants are filled with a high strength, form stable cohesive silicone gel that gives them a distinct advantage over the competition.

Very much like the colorful candy bears, Gummy Bears are named such because they are soft and flexible, yet strong and long lasting. Currently they are the latest technology for breast augmentation providing a more natural feel and the safest implants on the market today.

Breast Enlargement Savannah, GA

First approved in USA by FDA in March 2013

Introduced in Europe in the year 1995 and in Canada in 2000

Three FDA approved manufacturers are Sientra, Allergen and Mentor

Minimum age of a female patient is 22 years of age.

Longevity of gummy bears can last up to 15 to 20 years

Much safer than silicone and saline implants

Do not leak if implant is ruptured, torn or broken

Less scar tissue

Dr. Jones is a trusted and seasoned expert in Savannah area with years of experience enhancing women’s bodies with mommy makeovers and boob jobs. His personal practice philosophy is to provide the safest and personalized plastic surgery that exceeds your expectations. His techniques focus on enhancing your natural beauty without appearing artificial or overdone. Please be assured that with Dr. Jones you’ll get the results you want with your gummy bear breast enhancement implants.

Gummy Bear Breast Surgeons Savannah, GA

Breast Augmentaion - Enlargement Surgeons

The Best Candidates for Gummy Bear Breast Implant Surgery in Savannah, GA

Ideal Candidates

Mothers who want to increase the size of their breasts, improve shape or correct the look of their breasts

Women who are healthy, non smoking, with no active infections and no contraindications to having a general anesthetic

Women who have realistic expectations

You should not be pregnant or nursing

Candidates must be over 22 years of age

Be psychologically stable with a good support system

Benefits of Gummy Bear Breast Surgery Savannah, GA

The Gummy Bear implants have some great benefits for breast augmentation patients in Savannah. Here are some of the advantages that make it desirable to many women:

Reduced chance of leakage
Maintains its shape in all positions
No rippling or folds
Less scar tissue

Patients can return to normal activities with a week. Following Dr. Jones instructions on how to take care for your breasts is the key to a successful surgery. It is important that you return to our office for follow up care and examination to determine if your body is recovering well.

Cost for Breast Implants Savannah, GA

Gummy bear implants cost in the range from $5,000 to $7,500. Pricing really depends on the surgeon, their experience and the area in which you are located in Savannah.

silicone breast implants

Before and after photos of gummy bear implant patient in Savannah, GA

before and after gummy bear breast implants

These innovative implants are filled with a form stable, highly cohesive silicone gel. What this means is that your breasts will look and feel optimally natural, while maintaining their shape whether you are sitting, standing or lying down.

They are also unlikely to leak in the event of rupture, because the gel maintains its shape even if the outer shell is torn. Sientra cohesive implants provide you with options including a smooth or textured outer shell, and a round or teardrop anatomical shape.

To schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jones to discuss breast implants for male to female breast augmentation surgery,  he provides his professional trusted cosmetic surgery for all patients in the Savannah, GA surrounding area. Please call us today to see how affordable the cost.